Monday, September 9, 2013

What to wear to a family photo shoot {part 2}

This week kicks off my fall photo season, and with many families in the mix, I thought I would talk about what to wear.  I get asked this question by many of my clients, and although I already addressed this topic here, I thought I would freshen it up a bit! I've had some clients with great color combos and fashion ideas, and I have had a little look into some new trends that are definitely do's and have some advice on some don'ts...
*sidenote* all photo examples here are my own.

1. Wear a ton of off-white / creamy whites.  Avoid "WHITE", but having one to three people in shades of creamy whites is definitely  DO!
2. Yes! Plaid is rad.  A little plaid on a few brings a great color pop and some contrast... it always photographs WELL! It translates well in black & white as well as color, which is a bonus.
3. Blues and greens.  Blues and greens.  Always look amazing!
4. A POP of red lips.  Really makes everything look more fun and teeth always look whiter... Even if you are no-lipstick kinda gal (like me!) trust me, it translates so well on camera (that's me below!)
5. Chunky necklaces and bracelets! Love the texture they bring.
6. Be yourself - personality is a PLUS! Incorporate some of that if you can.

1. Busy patterns.  Just don't.  Less is more.
2. Strapless / Sleeveless.  I've said it before, I'll say it again.  You will be disappointed when you get a good dose of armpit fat or a straight shot of cleavage.  Yes, this applies to a person who is thin and in great shape.  Trust me, you will probably be disappointed.  I have made this mistake myself and am always so mad!
3. Black.  Just like true "white", black just looks heavy and flat in photos.

Want more advice or have questions? Shoot me an email! I'd be glad to help...


  1. OH MY GOSH, HEATHER. I love the shot of you looking at the camera! Gorgeous! Awesome post, great tips!

  2. This is super helpful for a detailed person who frets over everything like me!!