Thursday, March 6, 2014

citrus blossom crown, kyle.

i write a column each month for the arcadia news entitled "kids corner" - it's a great opportunity to write about my life here in arcadia. for the march issue, i wrote, basically, a love letter to citrus blossoms. here is an excerpt:

I think that we all can agree that March in Phoenix is pretty fantastic.
With the scent of the citrus blossoms filling the air, the cool mornings and evenings, the days are quite heavenly.
As a native, I have come to anticipate the seasonal changes in Phoenix, and I know that many others do the same. In fact, I know a handful of people who, every spring, mail a little package of our sweet citrus blooms to their desert-transplant friends and relatives in other climates. For years, my mom mailed her sister in law, who lived in the Pacific Northwest, a tidy box of fresh blooms. Opening that box was my aunt’s way of experiencing a reminiscent dose of home. 
My own kids are beginning to pick up on the blessings of every season, and this spring is no different. This March, make your little lady a blossom flower crown, and let those memories of spring in Phoenix begin to bloom in her own mind.

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  1. I love this post! The crown is such a cute idea! Thanks for the inspiration.